COA Aftercare & Summer Camp


COA After Care

COA Oceanside’s after care program serves children in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. Our facility is equipped with safe and secure vehicles to pick up your child from his/her elementary school each school day. Our program prides itself in small class sizes, dividing itself into two groups, the first for students in grades kindergarten through second, and the second for students in grades third through fifth, to allow for homework support and exciting age-appropriate activities.

Each afternoon, our students participate in homework assistance, snack time, outside play, free choice learning centers, Exploratorium time, and a daily special, including art, Spanish, and fitness, each taught by a specialized teacher.

COA Summer Camp

Each summer, a specially designed summer camp is prepared for students ages one through twelve.

Children Ages One through Three
Junior Exploration Camp fills summer days with exciting and enriching learning opportunities. Featuring a specially designed curriculum where students learn through intentional hands-on experiences. Art, water activities, fun with food, yoga, gardening, Spanish, music, and age-appropriate sports activities are just a few of the many activities children will enjoy.

Children Ages Four and Five
Pre-K Exploration Camp is specially designed for children who are preparing for kindergarten, this well-balanced program utilizes a curriculum filled with literacy-based activities to build upon, and further develop, the math, science, and reading skills children have acquired in Pre-K.  Additionally, campers will participate in field trips to local attractions, water activities, art, gardening, cooking, yoga, Spanish, and skill-building sports.

Children Ages Six through Twelve
Summer Adventure Camp, for school-age children, provides an exciting, action-packed summer, balanced between enriching learning experiences and fun-filled daily field trips to a variety of attractions throughout South Florida. Exciting events include special theme weeks, such as animal planet, wacky water, science exploration, and all about nature.  In addition, a wide variety of activities such as yoga, Spanish class, dress-up days, art classes, cooking, and music are provided.