We believe the preschool years are a crucial part of a child’s education, that is why we strive to offer an innovative approach to learning customized to the children’s needs, abilities, and learning style through the utilization of a strong core curriculum.

COA Oceanside Academy is committed to growing multilingual, culturally diverse, and flexible minded children who are equipped with the necessary tools to enter school successfully. We believe that children are infinitely capable and intelligent, it is our role to support their qualities and challenge them to grow.

We recognize the importance of being accountable, which is reflected in our dedication, proprietary programming and ability to prepare young children for higher learning. Creating positive, engaged and confident children with the ability to understand, articulate and self-manage is the benefit parents have come to rely on when enrolling with COA Oceanside.


From story time, lunch and outside play, to art, Spanish, yoga, fitness/movement and music, we work with amazing people to give your child the best opportunities.